Saturday Feature: If We Were Having Coffee…

Part Time Monster

Image from Death to the Stock Photo Image from Death to the Stock Photo

I’d tell you that it’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy to sit in silence. Little Jedi and Sam are off gallivanting about the city, getting haircuts and who knows what else. They’re on Magazine Street, so anything could happen. I’d tell you that this week there’ve been workers about, digging up the water mains and replacing them on our street. Sure, this needs to be done—and I’m awfully glad that the city is working on it (we’re always fighting the water–approximately half of the city is at or below sea level). But it’s effing loud, and so the silence is soothing.


I’d tell you that Little Jedi and I went to visit USM on Thursday, while we were in town. I’d tell you that we looked around the library’s display of Herbert Randall’s photographs of Freedom Summer

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